I would say the photo sequence sums it up pretty well : Uhhhh? Hi! Derh. Yep.

My name is Sonia and I’m happy you’re here! I have a series of on-going love affairs with all sorts of things : skinny jeans, t-rex memes, trucker hats, puns, wine, tacos, grilled cheese sandwiches, chokers, the art of Fernando Botero, unicorn mugs, color blocking, New Girl, and butter coffee to name a few. Some of these committed relationships have been going on for years. Others, only time will tell if we’re just a fling. (I’m looking at you, chokers.)

But more importantly than my list of personal entertainment, I am dying to share my favorite places with all of you. I travel quite a bit and my friends and family are probably tired of hearing about Murray the bartender, that one grilled cheese sandwich from Borough Market that blew my tiny little mind, the haunting melancholy of a Scottish necropolis in the drizzle, and all the other things that I would literally fly across a country or an ocean to go back to. But you’re not. And I am so excited to do my best to point you in the direction of any and all of the little must-sees and have-to-tries I’ve already encountered that happen to fall along your path.

I’m going to avoid suggestions like going to see the Colosseum if you’re in Paris. (That was a test.) But if I ever make it to Paris and get sent down a little side street to a perfect croissant, I’m going to try to point you in that direction. Extra bonus points if you get lost in the same pattern that I did en route to that particular buttery pastry.

I also realized how much I love bragging up local businesses and special little spots.

The evolution of this idea was that you have to have a sense of a person before you can recommend the perfect thing to them. And so, although I can rattle off a scattered list of all the things I adore, I’d rather create as many little mini day guides to places I’ve been as I can, each tailored to a certain persona. So find the one that speaks most to you and get out there! Jump off the tire swing into the ice cold mountain lake, watch the sunset go down with a bottle of wine, drink coffee three meals a day, make fun of modern art, find your favorite cinnamon roll in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD, dance until the neon lights close it all down.

Or all of the above.

Please let me know how I’m doing! This is all a work in progress, and, hard as it is to throw a half-finished masterpiece into the world, I’d rather start getting some content out there than wait until I’ve got this all figured out! Hop on over to the Contact page for anything: questions, suggestions, intensely personal questions, hairstyle tips, links to cool trucker hat websites…

And thank you for making the world a bigger and more beautiful place by being in it and rambling around it. ❤